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Meet our K9 Team!

K9 Trigger and Corporal Mark Dexter

Trigger is a Belgian Malinois and came to us in 2014 when he was 1 ½ years old. Trigger is trained in narcotics detection of five (5) different odors.

Trigger stays busy serving the people of Converse County by sniffing and locating controlled substances for C.C.S.O. and multiple other agencies.

Corporal Dexter has been with the Converse County Sheriff's Office since 2008, and has been Trigger's only handler. Additionally, the Converse County Sheriff's Office K-9 Team is a part of the Investigations Unit and this team investigates most felonious drug investigations including those involving children.

K9 Trigger 2019

Sheriff 2019 106.JPG

K9 Trigger and Corporal Dexter 2019

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Trigger working
Trigger 2019
Cpl. Dexter and Trigger
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