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The Converse County Sheriff's Office has 48 sworn personnel in the following divisions:



Although all members are Deputy Sheriffs there are also the following additional duties and specialties which are available within the agency:

  • Leadership Positions;

  • Drug Recognition Expert;

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor;

  • K-9 Unit;

  • Mounted Patrol;

  • Armorer Positions;

  • Search and Rescue;

  • Field Training Officer;

  • CPR Instructor;

  • Defensive Tactics Instructor;

  • Firearms, TASER, Less-Lethal Instructor(s).


Sheriff Clint Becker

1986 - Current

Sheriff Becker.JPG

Sheriff Becker was elected the 21st Sheriff of Converse County in 2006. He was sworn in as Sheriff in January of 2007. Sheriff Becker values teamwork, community outreach, training and professionalism.  He relies on citizen input and community partnerships in his commitment to community-oriented policing.  He also fosters a "participatory management" philosophy, in which all his employees are given a voice in the operation of the Sheriff's Office. These beliefs and philosophies have led to him being reelected multiple times.

In 1986, Sheriff Becker moved to Converse County to start his law enforcement career with the Wyoming Highway Patrol. He served for 20 years with the Patrol, entirely in the Converse County area. Upon retiring with the Wyoming Highway Patrol, he made the decision to run for Office of Sheriff in order to continue his service to the people of Converse County.

Sheriff Becker

Undersheriff Nate Hughes

1990 - Current

Undersheriff Hughes.JPG

Undersheriff Hughes began his career as a Peace Officer with the Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) in 1990. During the first 12 years of his career, he served in the duty stations of Wamsutter, Jackson, and Douglas. He held the positions of WHP Trooper, Field Training Officer, SFST Instructor, and Commercial Motor Carrier Trooper. In February 2003, he began serving as a WHP Division Lieutenant, first in Jackson and then in Douglas. In December 2014, he retired from the WHP and was hired by the Converse County Sheriff’s Office to develop a county size and weight program, and to continue serving as an instructor in his areas of expertise. Beginning in February 2017, he served as Interim-Undersheriff.  Sheriff Becker officially appointed Nate Hughes as Undersheriff in June 2017, filling the vacancy left by retiring Undersheriff Justin Scott.


Throughout his career, Undersheriff Hughes has been active in the enforcement of impaired driving and commercial vehicle laws. For over 25 years he has served as an instructor for Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and Drug Impairment Recognition, both around the state and at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy. Undersheriff Hughes is a graduate of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, School of Police Staff and Command. 

Nateand Clint.JPG
Undersheriff Hughes
Lieutenant Peech

Lieutenant Ben Peech

1994 - Current

Lt. Peech.JPG

Lieutenant Peech began his career as a Peace Office in Wyoming in 1994. He spent five years with the Torrington Police Department, during which he was assigned to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation South East Enforcement team for three years. Lieutenant Peech then spent 10 years with the Wyoming Highway Patrol, and was stationed in Rock Springs and Cheyenne. Lieutenant Peech came to the Converse County Sheriff's Office in 2008 as a Deputy, and was then assigned the position of Investigator. He remained as the Converse County Sheriff's Office Investigator until 2012, when he was promoted to the position of Investigator Sergeant. In 2018, Ben was promoted to the position of Investigator Lieutenant, where he currently remains.

Captain Adam Alvarado
2012 - Current

Lieutenant Alvarado
Adam 2023.jpg

Captain Alvarado was born and raised in Wyoming. Prior to being employed in law enforcement, he obtained a Criminal Justice Degree from Casper College. Following his time in college, he began his law enforcement career as a Detention Deputy with the Converse County Sheriff’s Office in 2012.


During his time in the Detention Center, he promoted to the position of Corporal, and held that rank for two years. Captain Alvarado then transferred within the Sheriff’s Office from the Detention Division to Patrol, where he worked as a Patrol Deputy for three years. In 2018, Captain Alvarado was promoted the position of Captain for the Detention Center by Sheriff Clint Becker. Captain Alvarado believes in working side by side with his employees and values their opinions and experiences for proper Detention Center operations.

History of the Converse County Sheriff's Office

Our History

Converse County was named for a stock man and Cheyenne banker, Amasa R. Converse. The county was established March 9, 1888. Currently there are 4,265 square miles, 22 townships and 5 zip codes under the Sheriff’s jurisdiction. Douglas was established as the county seat on May 18, 1888 where the Converse County Sheriffs keeps it’s offices, as well as a satellite office in Glenrock.

Malcolm Campbell was sworn in as Territorial Sheriff until the election in November of 1888. Newly elected Sheriff John T. Williams narrowly beat out Campbell by 39 votes becoming Converse’s first sheriff. Since that time 19 men have served as the county’s top lawman:













Malcolm Campbell

John T. Williams

Malcolm Campbell

Frank Virden

Josiah "Joe" Hazen

Thomas S. Cook

John W. McDermott

Charles Messenger

Albert Peyton

Charles Messenger

Albert Peyton

William Silver

Clyde Ivester                      

Al Lass                                   

Earl Heflin                             

John W. Owens                    

Elmer Bloem                       

Jim Caldwell                        

Morris Thomason                Dean Parks                            

Charles “Chuck” Widick    John F. Bey                           

Clinton B. Becker               

1943 - 1946

1946 - 1954

1955 - 1958

1959 - 1962

1963 - 1964

1964 - 1970

1971 - 1976

1976 - 1978

1979 - 1982     

1983 - 2006

2007- Present

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