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Forms, Documents, and Applications

On this page, you will find several forms that can be used to meet your various needs. 

Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP)

You will find the Wyoming In - State Resident Application HERE.

All applications need to be completed and turned into the Converse County Sheriff's Office, located at 1201 Mesa Drive, Suite C., in Douglas, WY. The fees associated with CWP's are located on our Civil Service Department page.

Wyoming Crash Reports

To request a crash report, you must contact Highway Safety with the following information:

  • Case number (if you have it)

  • Name of person involved

  • Date of Crash

  • Your email address

  • Your phone number

Certain conditions must be met to receive a crash report. Contact Highway Safety at (307) 777-4450 or by email (select Crash Report from the topic dropdown menu) to make a request or to get more information. Be sure to include the above information if emailing. After you submit your request, a representative from Highway Safety will contact you if any other information is needed.


If the request for the crash report is approved, you will then pay for the report. Please do not submit payment along with the request. Crash reports cost $3 per crash report.

WYDOT accepts money orders or checks and you can either mail those in or drop them off at the Cheyenne location. WYDOT also accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express but you will be charged an additional $2.50 along with the $3 charge. For additional questions, contact Highway Safety at (307) 777-4450.

Converse County Sheriff's Office Record Request

HERE you will find a record request form for the Converse County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office is only permitted to release reports and records from CCSO after approval; we cannot release Douglas Police Department, Glenrock Police Department, or Wyoming Highway Patrol reports and records. Fees associated with record requests can be found on our Civil Service Department page.

Abandoned Vehicle Application

There are many steps that take place with the Abandoned Vehicle Application. ALL of these steps that are listed on this application must be followed, or the applicant will be turned away. 

Notice to Vacate

The Notice to Vacate form is for a landlord who wishes to give notice to a tenant that he/she must vacate the premises. Tenant/landlord issues can be complex - call our civil department at 307-358-4700 if you have any questions.

Oversize and Overweight Permit

This Oversize and Overweight Permit worksheet is to request to move oversize and/or overweight loads on Converse County Roads. If you have any issues or questions about this permit, please contact Converse County Road and Bridge at 307-358-3602 or the Converse County Sheriff's Office at 307-358-4700.

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