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Patrol Division

Questions or Concerns?

The Converse County Sheriff’s Office patrol division is made up of eight (8) deputies, two (2) patrol sergeants and two (2) deputies who specialize in commercial vehicles.  Deputies patrol Converse County which encompasses 4,265 square miles using primarily pickups and SUVs. 

Their duties include, but are not limited to: 

  • Patrolling the county;

  • Public relations events;

  • Traffic stops;

  • Livestock inspections;

  • Responding to a wide variety of calls;

  • Grant time (traffic/DUI enforcement, forest service patrol, etc.);

  • And assisting multiple other agencies. 


Due to the diversity in the county, patrol deputies find themselves working in subdivisions, mountains, grasslands, and in town. Many times, they will find themselves in several areas in one day!  Our patrol division offers a great variety of work and scenery on a daily basis.

Sergeant Sara Tiensvold



Sergeant Rick Jones


Patrol Division 2023

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