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Civil Service/Court Security/Transports

The CCST (Civil Service, Court Security and Transports) Team covers three features of Converse County Sheriff’s Office: Civil Service, Court Security and Transports. Those who are on the CCST Team have had certified training in both Patrol and Detention.

Civil Service follows the Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure for service of legal paperwork and ensures all paperwork received is served in a timely manner. Civil Service also processes all of the paperwork received and served. Court Security covers the Converse County Courthouse in its entirety, safeguarding all who are within the building and on its premises. Transports move detainees to and from the courthouse for legal proceedings, as well as to other facilities when necessary.

The above-mentioned duties are the main tasks the CCST Team performs however, they are also called to assist Patrol and Detention when needed.

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CCST Team 2023

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