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The Investigations Unit is a specialized group of deputies that investigate most of the felony crimes committed within Converse County and files cases with the County Attorney’s Office. The division is comprised of “general” investigators who are not specialized in any particular field of investigation. The cases handled by this unit generally include: physical assaults, sexual assaults, kidnappings, internet luring, and homicides.  The age of the victim does not matter as this unit investigates crimes against both children and adults. The Investigations Unit is also responsible for handling many of the burglaries, frauds and other felonious criminal investigations which require long term investigation.


Additionally, the Converse County Sheriff's Office K-9 Team is a part of the Investigations Unit and this team investigates most felonious drug investigations including those involving children.


The Converse County Sheriff's Office evidence technicians also fall within the Investigations Unit.

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Investigator Ben Peech


Investigator Amber Peterson



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