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Search and Rescue

The Converse County Search and Rescue is currently staffed by volunteers in our community. These volunteers give their time and money to help those who lose their way. Our group is made up of approximately 30 members of varying age and experience with a wide variety of skills they offer to the group.

The Converse County Search and Rescue organization is under the direct supervision and control of the Converse County Sheriff’s Office. A Converse County Sheriff’s Office deputy acts as a liaison between the Sheriff and the Volunteer Search and Rescue Captain.

Our volunteers are requested, on average, 15 times a year to respond to all portions of the county, in all weather conditions, and at all times of the day or night to assist those who are lost, overdue, hurt or injured, and/or stranded in the harsh environments in our area. Occasionally, we are asked to assist neighboring counties with the same type of calls. The volunteers also meet regularly every second Tuesday of the month at 1800 hours.

Would YOU like to be a member of our Search and Rescue Team?

Find out how below!

See our new, all - terrain carrier!


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Search and Rescue Application Process

(a)          All applicants must complete and turn in a membership application to the Converse County Sheriff’s Office.


(b)          The applicant shall then be subjected to a criminal background check by the Converse County Sheriff’s Office. If anything is found in the course of this background check which deems the applicant unqualified, in the eyes of the Sheriff’s Office Investigator, the applicant will be turned down. Once the investigation of the applicant’s background is completed, the application shall be forwarded to the Sheriff recommending that the applicant is either eligible or ineligible. The Sheriff shall render the final decision on all applicants. The applicant(s) will be notified of the initial acceptance or denial by the Captain and oral interview(s) scheduled.


                (i)            Exceptions: Converse County Sheriff’s Office personnel that have already met the Sheriff’s Office hiring standards and background checks are exempt from this process, as they have already met the Sheriff’s requirements for employment. Other law enforcement personnel may challenge the background process if they can prove their employer standards and background checks are equal to those required by the Converse County Sheriff’s Office. If the applicant meets these qualifications, the Sheriff may waive the processes outlined above.


(c)           Upon being found eligible by the Sheriff, the applicant(s)shall be interviewed by an oral board of the Executive Committee consisting of the Sheriff’s Department Liaison, Captain, both Lieutenants, Treasurer, and Secretary (minimum of 3). The oral board will then report to the membership.  The members in good standing will then vote on the applicant(s) who have successfully completed the oral board interviews. The applicant shall be notified prior to the next meeting if he/she was not successfully voted to be a member. Applicants successfully voted as members will be notified at the meeting or by the Captain if not present at the meeting.

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