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Detention Division

The Converse County Detention Center was officially opened and occupied on October 28th, 2018. Upon initial completion the Detention Center was an 80 bed facility with five (5) holding cells. It is an upgrade from our old jail which contained 34 beds and two (2) holding cells.

In March of 2024 our Detention Center expansion was completed. The facility now has 112 beds and five (5) holding cells.


The Converse County Detention Center is operated under the supervision of Sheriff Clint Becker and Captain Adam Alvarado. Sheriff Becker was sworn in as Sheriff of Converse County in 2007 and Captain Alvarado has been with the Converse County Sheriff’s Office since 2012.  

The Detention Center staff is made up of 26 full-time, POST-certified law enforcement personnel. The rank structure in the Detention Center is as follows: Sheriff, Captain, Sergeants, Corporals and Deputies. Of these 26 employees, we have our CCST (Civil, Court Security and Transports) Team. The CCST Team currently operates at the Court House which is located at 107 North 5th Street in Douglas, WY.  


Click HERE to find out more about our CCST Team!

The Detention Center has a contract with the Memorial Hospital of Converse County to provide a nurse on site daily and a physician visit once a week for the inmates.

For information regarding

inmate visitation, the detention rules, etc.

see the Detention Rules and Information page!

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Detention Division 2023

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