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The Converse County Sheriff's Office was made aware of a scam that has been occurring in our community recently. 

Individuals are receiving a phone call from our 307-358-4700 number, and a male is stating he is an investigator with our office. The male then becomes extremely rude on the phone telling the individual they have missed their court date or something to that effect, and then demands money. 

This is a scam, and not anyone representing the Converse County Sheriff's Office. Please do not give the individual any money/credit card information, or any information about you. Simply hang the phone up, and contact our office if you feel it's necessary.

A Message From the Sheriff


“I would like to welcome everyone to our website. Our job at the Converse County Sheriff’s Office is to serve and protect the citizens of Converse County. Simply put, we work for you. I would like to thank all of you who have used my “open door” policy and have come to talk with me in person. Please, feel free to come in and talk to me on any issue. 

Without a two-way dialogue, it is difficult to know what we can do to better assist you. Only with your input can I get a better feel for how we as a Sheriff’s Office are serving you and where we need to concentrate more enforcement activity.

So please feel free to call this office at 307-358-4700 and if I am not in, leave me a message and I will always get back to you.”


                                                                                                             Respectfully,                                                                                                                                         Your Sheriff - Clint Becker

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